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Work Study

Our work study program is an initiative that allows students to get paid to generate content online for, in particular the blog or the wiki. The goal of the program is to be flexible, so we encourage students to  come up with their own ideas as to how they'd like to contribute to

Participants earn between $200 - $1000.  Average work study program runs for 2 months.


A few things to be aware of:
  • We're interested in generating content for the blog/wiki.
  • Prior activity on our blog/wiki/social media pages improves the changes of your application getting selected.
  • Work study participants can choose to work out of our office or remotely from school/home.
  • You will be required to pick a theme/project for your work study though we will present you with options you can pick from as well.
  • You will be arbitrarily grouped together with other work study participants in the spirit of teamwork as well as competition
  • A base allowance of $200 will be provided. In most instances this will be paid out in Naira at an exchange rate of N160.
  • You can earn up to $800 based on our perception of your work, the perception of other work study participants, and the perception of the general public.
  • There is no fixed time allotted for the work study program, if you complete your project within a week, you get paid your base allowance within that time. However all participants will be required to participate in a team session once all the projects in their group have been submitted and/or 2 months have passed since commencement of the work study. 

Application Requirements

To be eligible for the Work Study program you must either be:
  • A student at a tertiary institution (university or polytechnic) OR
  • A recent graduate that's waiting to be deployed for NYSC or is currently enrolled in the NYSC program
To apply for the Work Study program please follow the apply now link below to submit your resume (curriculum vitae). If you do not have a resume now is a good time to make one (Get tips here on how to write a good resume).  

If you do not have work experience to list on your resume (e.g. no internships etc) we suggest you provide a bullet point list of classes you've taken so far and/or links to samples of your writing online (e.g. blog posts). If you have samples of your writing but they're not available online, we suggest visiting to upload a copy and then choosing the option to share with the public or anyone with a link. Then include the sharing link in your resume.

More Questions
Visit our forum page at and post your question there.