Work Study

Gives students an opportunity to: 
  • Learn about Google Sites and other Google Apps products.
  • Use what they've learnt to generate content for
  • Get paid 

Independent Research

App Engine/Open Source Coding Projects

Our independent research projects give students a chance to learn how learn the java programming language by working on light weight applications that we intend to deploy on The platform of choice will be Google App Engine. The projects will be setup as open source initiatives thus allowing anybody to contribute to the codebase, however students that sign up for independent research projects will also be able to come in weekly for free training classes on Java/App Engine.

We are currently working on setting up code repositories on as well as selecting an initial set of coding projects to center the "independent research program" around. We expect to be ready to start taking applications by first quarter of 2012. 

Students eager to start learning now should check out the Google App Engine documentation (Prior knowledge of java is required)