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Tips for writing a cover letter
We all know that resume is an essential part for any job search, but most of us do not pay much attention to another important aspect that is the ‘cover letter’. It is an important part of the job application and plays an equally significant role in creating a good first impression in front of  a potential employer. It has been found that the recruiters often reject 80% of applications based on the cover letter alone. For more information: Click here
How to write a cover letter that stands out
You could have the most qualified, awe-inspiring resume on earth, but a boring cover letter will ensure you remain jobless.

The cover letter introduces you to the recruiter in a personal way. It briefly highlights your strengths and expresses your interest in the position. For more information: Click here

Cover letter tips
Get hundreds of resume cover letter examples as well as information on how to write a job resume cover letter. For more information: Click here
10 Tips for a better cover letter
1. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.

Nothing says loser like a cover letter filled with spelling and/or grammatical errors.

What do such mistakes convey to a potential employer? They suggest that you do sloppy work, that you don’t pay much attention to detail, that you don’t care enough to do a good job, that you’re uneducated, or that you’re not very bright. For more information: Click here
Cover Letters: 1 Get Started Tip and 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid
1 Get Started Tip
Simplify your hire-me message:
Why do I want this job? Let me count the ways…
If you are a seasoned pro, there are likely dozens of reasons why you’re a good fit. But you can’t include all of them in a 1-page letter. Instead, organize your thoughts with my 3-2-1 Rule. For more information: Click here
Sample Cover letter
Follow the link in the link column to view a sample cover letter. Use it to structure your own cover letter. Please DO NOT Copy. For more information: Click here