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Application Process

Getting a Postgraduate degree is ideally the next step to take in continuing education and building one's potential. There are a variety of Universities in the United Kingdom that offer various graduate programs. There are a lot of things to take into consideration if you have decided to study in the U.K:
  • The course you want to study and the duration of time it would take to complete it. 
  • Finding the right school to continue your education.

It is important in picking a school, that you also look at the University rankings. Don't get carried away with schools that offer very easy entry requirements, because they are probably low on the University League Table. You should have a look at the  2013 University League Table, and decide how far down you are willing to go. There have been instances of some low rating schools losing their licenses, and international students being forced to go back home. 

To make the right decisions, visit the UKPASS website for helpful information on the application process for graduate admission in the U.K.

Click Here for the list of Universities that use the UKPASS service for their application process. 

For more resources for finding a programme/school: