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This Page talks about the Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE) Examination administered by The West African Examination Council to all students at the end of their secondary school education and also to private candidates in all countries of West Africa, which includes Nigeria.

The Exam is held twice a year: May/June and November/December. The West African Senior Certification will be awarded to any candidate who enters and sits for all the core subjects and two or three elective subjects.

On this page you will find information relating to how you can:
  • Register for the Examination
  • Prepare for the Examination
  • Sit for the Examination
  • Check your Examination Results
Our main purpose here is to try and bring the necessary information a person seeking to take the Examination will need in order to make the  process of Registering to Sitting to Checking Examination results as easy as possible. 

Background Topic


WAEC & Exams Administered by WAEC
WAEC stands for West Africa Examination Council

The Council conducts four categories of examinations:

  1. International Examinations such as the WASSCE, SC/GCE 0/Level and the HSC/GCE A/Level;
  2. National Examinations such as the Senior School Certificate, Technical, Business Studies, and Common Entrance Examinations;
  3. Examinations conducted in collaboration with other
    examining bodies, such as City and Guilds of London Institute, and the Royal Society of Arts;
  4. Examinations conducted on behalf of other examining bodies, such as University of London GCE examination for non-West Africans, Scholastic Aptitude Test and Graduate Record Examinations for Educational Testing Service, Princeton, USA and JAMB Examination in countries outside Nigeria.
In Nigeria, however, WAEC has shed all but one of its examinations; the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), which is for both school and private candidates.

For more information visit the WAEC website
Which Exam to take and why In Nigeria WAEC Administers only but one examination; the West African Senior School Certification Examination (WASSCE). This Examination is administered to all students at the end of their secondary school education and also to private candidates in all countries of West Africa, which includes Nigeria.

WAEC SSCE certificate is a requirement for gaining admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria, may be used in securing jobs or applying to elective positions.

Note: WAEC SSCE is conducted twice every year. The first Exam which comes up in MAY/JUNE is for candidates preparing to leave the secondary school. Being a student of a Ministry of Education recognized School school is a prerequisite to taking this exam.

The second Exam which comes up in NOV/DEC is opened to the public, any candidate can apply.

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Preparing for WAEC SSCE Exams
Registration Information
For Secondary School Candidates (MAY/JUNE):
Heads of Schools or their representatives are expected to register candidates for the Examinations. WAEC has provided an e-Registration Website for schools in Nigeria to register their candidates online through the Internet.

For more information on Registration Information for Secondary School Candidates visit the WAEC website

For Private Candidates (NOV/DEC):

Private Candidates are expected to register by themselves for the examination. Follow the steps below to register online:
  1. Purchase the WAEC Registration card from WAEC authorized dealers as will be made public by WAEC.
  2. Start your e-Registration be visiting WAEC Online Registration for November/December 2011 WASSCE
  3. Click on the Register button on the top of the page. You start your registration by logging into the system using the serial number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Registration card. Keep your Card safely for subsequent logins.

Detailed information on how to fill the form, submit the form and print for photo card can be found on the WAEC Online Registration for November/December 2011 WASSCE Website

Preparing for the Exam
To Clarify Things; WAEC does not prepare candidates for its examinations by establishing secondary schools or tutorial centers, and no such institutions are affiliated to the Council.

WAEC provides feedback in the form of Chief Examiners' Report on candidates' performance in the various papers for each examination diet, which helps secondary schools and private candidates to prepare adequately for subsequent examinations. The Chief Examiners' Reports are available for sale at the Council's offices nationwide.

Also WAEC has provided an e-Learning website which they call WAEC e-Learning tool kit, they claim that the primary aim of this initiative is to equip the students for better performance in Future examinations
Exam Timetable Information The WAEC SSCE examination will be held twice a year: May/June and November/December. The actual dates for each will be communicated by a circular to School Candidates or publication in the Press for Private Candidates.

Click on the link to to view the WAEC SSCE Nov/Dec Examination Time Table
WAEC Subject Selection
Candidates are required to enter and sit for a minimum of eight (8) and a maximum of nine (9) subjects.
These must include the following :
(i) English Language
(ii) Mathematics
(iii) At least one Nigerian Language.
(iv) At least one of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
(v) At least one of Literature-in-English, History and Geography.
(vi) Agricultural Science or at least one vocational subject.

For more information on Subject selection visit the WAEC Website
Exam Centers
For Secondary School Candidates (MAY/JUNE):
Candidates' School will be used as WAEC Examination Centers. WAEC normally provides invigilators, who liaise with school teachers to ensure the Examination is conducted properly.

For Private Candidates (NOV/DEC):
On successful completion and submission of your registration form, the system will allocate a center to you (it is your responsibility to locate your center) and generate your examination number. You should then print the admission notice/photo card. Note that this document will be required before you are allowed into the examination hall.
Institutions that accept WAEC SSCE Certification
All Tertiary Institution accepts the WAEC SSCE certification as the standardized certification for gaining admission. 

Candidates are advised that they will be required to satisfy not only the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination UTME, the University's general entrance requirements (POST UTME)  but also the requirements of the particular faculty which they wish to enter and that these requirements vary considerably.

The Conduct of Candidates in the Examination Hall The examination shall be under the control of the Supervisor who shall be responsible to the Council for the proper conduct of the examination. The Supervisor will be required to carry out the detailed instructions sent to him with reference to the conduct of the examination at the center.

These relate to the distribution of examination question papers to candidates, the collection of scripts at the end of each period, and their dispatch to the Council in accordance with the Council's directives and the maintenance of constant and effective supervision over the candidate.

For more information on Exam Regulation visit the WAEC website
Post WAEC SSCE Exams
Result Checking Information
There are two options for checking WAEC results:

1. Check your Result Online: After you must have purchased the WAEC result checking scratch card, visit the WAEC result checker site ( and follow the on screen instructions.

2. Check via SMS on your mobile phone: After you must have purchased the WAEC result checking scratch card. Send a short code in this format: WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear to 32327. Please Note: each SMS cost N30.

For more information Click here (SMS details can be found at the bottom of the page)
Previous Exam Statistics The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) results of May/June 2011 West African Senior School Certificates (WASSCE) has been released, with only 31 percent of the students recording credits in five subjects including English Language and Mathematics.

For more information on previous WAEC SSCE MAY/JUNE 2011 Statistics Click here
WAEC SSCE Frequently Asked Question
Can one combine May/June WASSCE and Nov/Dec WASSCE results for admission purposes?


How does a candidate collect his/her certificate?

School candidates collect their certificates from their schools while private candidates obtain theirs directly from WAEC.

For more information on WAEC SSCE Frequently Asked Question visit the WAEC website
WAEC Results and Certificates
The West African Senior School Certificate will be awarded to a candidate who enters and sits for all the core subjects and two or three elective subjects. Certificates will he awarded on the basis of subjects offered. The core subjects are as follow:

Nigeria Core (Compulsory)

  • English Language
  • Nigerian Language
  • Mathematics
  • One Science subject (Chemistry,Physics' Biology)
  • One of either Literature in English, Geography or History
  • Agricultural Science or Vocational Subject.

For more information visit the WAEC Website