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Ground Rules

Listed on this page are Google Profiles of people that are major contributors to the site. This page is not about catering to the narcissistic tendencies of our contributors but rather it's about providing readers with enough information to form their own opinions about the credibility of our site contributors. 

For example going through my own profile you might notice I don't have a degree in education (comp sci rocks). That might be an indication that I'm just blowing hot air on this site (nah, I reserve that for the blog) or it could mean it's an issue I really care about and I simply do not think I need an education degree to contribute to the topic.

I also understand that some people would rather not share their Google Profile because it contains personal information. If changing your privacy settings is not an option then a LinkedIn profile can be used instead. Not a big fan of facebook (feels more like playbook) so don't even suggest it. Still facebook is a beast that can't be ignored, thus I fear this is a battle I might eventually lose.  

If you think your name should be on here please post a message on the forum regarding this and we'll respond to your request. Also as per earlier paragraphs please fill out your Google Profile to include somewhat professional information about yourself (i.e. ok to share your binge drinking stories but ensure there's relevant information about your educational background etc as well).

Segun Sobulo

Founder/Content Generation/Manage Site

Content Generation/Manage Site

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