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Content Generation

There's a lot of useful information out there pertaining to education in Nigeria, both on the web and in the physical world. You can help add content to this site by providing links to the former and/or uploading content on the latter.

One of the primary reasons we chose to deploy 9JEducation on the Google Apps platform is because it simplifies online collaboration. If you've got a Google account (e.g. gmail) we can easily share portions of this site with you so you can edit existing content or add new content.

The easiest way to request edit privileges to the site is via our public forum. Simply start a new thread/topic on the content you'd like to add and we'll respond to your request. The forum is also the ideal place to post general questions/comments.


As part of our website launch campaign we are offering a couple of programs that benefit students. If you're a student please visit the following page to find out more

Individuals and/or organizations with existing programs that benefit students and/or want to partner with us should alert us via our contact page.

Spread the word

Again the more traffic there is on 9JEducation.org, the more people will be aware of what we're trying to do and be able to join in. Help spread the word about 9JEducation.org by:
  • Linking to us from your website or blog
  • Emailing a link to your friends.
  • Posting links on your facebook page
  • Tweeting about us