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Cloud Computing

We are big advocates of Google's products in particular their cloud computing solutions via Google Apps. 

Google Apps is a group of products that allows users to store and edit their data online without ever having to manage data locally on their desktops/notebooks. Some of the tools we use include:
  • Google Sites: Allows us to edit pages on this site and easily share those pages with others so that they can contribute to the site as well.
  • Google Calendar: Allows us to create calendars displayed on this site and we can also share those calendars with others to allow them to enter their own events. Since 9JEducation calendars are shared with the general public you can also embed them in your own site easily or download them unto your mobile phone.
  • Google Groups: Our public forum is hosted on Google Groups. Anybody can post comments/questions by starting a new topic or responding to an existing one.
  • Blogger: Our blog is hosted using Google's blogger.
Best part of all there's a free version (which is what we use). You can also sign up to use individual Apps without signing up for the entire suite (e.g. using just Google Sites). Click here for more information on Google Apps.

Google for Education

In our humble opinion, Google is one of the most socially conscious companies when it comes to Education. Listed below are some of their initiatives that we feel are commendable because they benefit Nigerian students.
  • Google Rise Awards - RISE (Roots in Science and Engineering) awards are designed to promote and support Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Computer Science (CS) education initiatives. Google grants monetary awards ($10,000 - $25,000) to organizations working with primary, secondary, and university studeGoogle Apps for Educationnts to provide enrichment programs in these fields.  
  • Google Apps for Education - 60 of the top 100 universities/colleges in the United States use it and it's free (eligibility requirement for free license is based on accreditation status and/or student population)
  • GASP (Google Apps Supporting Programs) - is an initiative to help support Universities in Africa deploying Google Apps for Education (see above). In particular Google assists in strengthening existing ICT services through offering a combination of Internet bandwidth or Infrastructure grants, Technical Consulting and Training, as well as Google Apps Training.
  • Google Nigeria - A free annual conference dedicated to cutting edge web and mobile technologies developed by Google. The inaugural conference (2010) was held at University of Lagos (UNILAG). Also the first two (2010 & 2011) have been 2 day conferences with the first day being targeted at software developers (including students) and the 2nd being targeted at entrepreneurs and marketers.  
  • GNBO - Get Nigerian Businesses Online is an initiative by Google to get get small to mid sized businesses online by introducing them to their cloud services (Google Apps) which offers free hosting on Google's world class servers as well as a Google Business Sitebuilder which is an easy to use app for creating websites (though we prefer Google Sites due to limited/non existent integration of sitebuilder with Google Apps)
  • Google Summer of Code - Summer internships that encourage students to work on open source projects in return for a $5000 stipend.